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6 General Updates
At present, mobile phone apps and other online services such as National Rail Enquiries are not being updated with realtime alterations to platform numbers. At some stations apps show the platform number services are planned to go from, while at other stations platform numbers may not be shown at all.

How does this affect me?

When travelling, you should double check the platform number your train will go from using the traditional Customer Information Screens located around our stations. These are maintained with the latest platform information using an automated link to the signalling system, and will always reflect the most current information available.

During times when trains are disrupted this is especially important, as services can change platforms at short notice as we either work around problems such as a broken down train, or use alternative carriages to form a service.

Does this affect other train information such as the stops a train will make?

No. Information about where a train will call at is currently being supplied by a separate system which is unaffected by this issue.

Are all Train Companies affected?

This issue only affects platform numbers at stations which are run by South West Trains and Southern Railway.

Why has this happened?

Updates to platform numbers on mobile phone apps and other services are normally provided by the same system which updates our Customer Information Screens around stations. Whenever a train has a platform altered, this will be shown on station screens, and also fed via a link to the online National Rail Enquiries system (known as Darwin) which powers the majority of mobile phone apps and online journey planners used in the UK.

As part of a program to better connect our station information system to the National Rail Enquiries system we have had to temporarily disconnect this link to allow software updates and testing to take place.

When will this link be restored?

We expect the link to be restored by the end of September, once testing and upgrades have been completed.

Further Information
Last Updated :05/09/2015 11:37
On Friday 18 September the 2015 Rugby World Cup kicks off at Twickenham stadium. The Opening Ceremony begins at 18:45 followed by England's first match of the tournament against Fiji, kicking off at 20:00.
If you are a regular commuter, are not attending the match on this date and travel with us on this route, you are advised that our trains are going to be exceptionally busy and journeys may take longer than usual. You may have to wait for some time at stations like London Waterloo, Vauxhall, Clapham Junction, Putney and Richmond to get onto trains once our Friday evening peak begins at 16:00.
Trains that depart Waterloo platforms 14-19 in the evening peak will not call at Clapham Junction. Regular commuters are advised to board trains on platforms 1-4 for Clapham Junction.
In light of all this, we strongly advise regular commuters to make alternative travel arrangements on Friday afternoon such as seeking a different route, using bus or underground services, swapping to walking or cycling where possible, working flexibly, staggering working hours to travel earlier or taking annual leave.  
We strongly advise spectators going to watch the match at Twickenham to avoid travelling during our Friday evening peak, which starts at 16:00, as our trains already operate at full capacity at this time. If you are attending the match on Friday 18 September please use the bespoke Spectator Journey Planner to make a game plan that gets you to Twickenham early.
Queuing systems will be in place at London Waterloo, Twickenham, Vauxhall, Clapham Junction and Richmond as well as other stations on this route.
The towns of Whitton, Strawberry Hill, St. Margarets and Twickenham will have a lively atmosphere, offer many 'scrum'ptious places to eat, drink and relax and are all within a 30 minute walk of Twickenham Stadium. Why not travel to these places early and spend the late afternoon there to ensure you will be on time and won't miss any of the opening ceremony?
You can keep up to date with the latest information by visiting our website or by following our Twitter account @SW_Trains #makeagameplan #makeatravelplan
Last Updated :04/09/2015 09:36
This Saturday, 5 September, England take on Ireland in a QBE International rugby match at Twickenham stadium with a kick off time of 14:30.
All trains through Twickenham on Saturday will be extremely busy, especially between 10:00 and 14:00 and between 16:30 and 21:00.
Queuing systems will be in place at major stations including London Waterloo, Vauxhall, Richmond and Twickenham to manage the flow of people.
Twickenham station car park will be closed all day to help with the queuing system.
At Twickenham after the game passengers for London should queue via the car park and passengers for Reading Windsor and Wimbledon should queue via the main entrance.
Thank you and enjoy the match!
Last Updated :01/09/2015 11:18
Over the bank holiday period, the opening times for the lost property office at Waterloo will change. The opening hours will be

Monday 31 August: Closed
Tuesday 1 September: 10:00 to 19:00
Wednesday 2 September: 10:00 to 19:00
Thursday 3 September: 10:00 to 19:00
Friday 4th September: 10:00 to 19:00

The lost property office will be open as normal from Monday 7 September.

If have lost something, you can register it with us using our online form.

More Information

Last Updated :28/08/2015 20:00
We work hard to run a punctual train service and occasionally, we may experience some delays.
If your journey with us has been delayed by over an hour, you may be able to claim compensation.
Please go to for more information. 
Last Updated :09/06/2015 01:22
Dear Customer,

We offer a free email alert service to keep you updated about changes to your planned South West Trains journey or route, including planned engineering improvement work and events. Sign up for these alerts here and know what happening on our network before you reach the station. 

Signing up: 

The default setup of the e-mail alert service provides a single e-mail at the time you request. If disruption occurs between your selected e-mail time and the departure of the train, you may not receive information about the new incident unless you have selected the option to receive updates to your initial alert. This is labelled as 'then Update me by' in the setup window.
It is a simple 90 second process to make a one time change to your alert settings, ensuring you get the most from the alert service.

Step by Step - Changing your Alert settings
1. Login to the service at you will need the e-mail address that receives the alerts and your password for this.
2. Now you're logged in you should see your alerts, look for the text stating 'then Update me by' and using the dropdown box select 'Email'.
3. Click update at the bottom of the alert setup screen to save your preferences.
4. You're done!
Now if an incident occurs after your initial alert e-mail you will receive updates advising you how your journey may be affected.
We are continually looking to improve the service we offer you and would like to thank you for your subscription.

South West Trains-Network Rail Alliance
Last Updated :07/10/2014 18:38
0 Line Updates
There are currently no Line Updates reported.
4 Catering Updates
Catering is not available.
This is due to a member of catering staff being unavailable.
Last Updated :05/09/2015 11:35
Scheduled Expected Destination
15:20 15:20 Weymouth
15:24 15:24 Upwey
15:33 15:33 Dorchester South
15:39 15:39 Moreton Dorset
15:45 15:45 Wool
15:53 15:53 Wareham
15:56 15:56 Holton Heath
16:01 16:01 Hamworthy
16:07 16:07 Poole
16:22 16:22 Bournemouth
16:26 16:26 Pokesdown
16:30 16:30 Christchurch
16:37 16:37 New Milton
16:45 16:45 Brockenhurst
17:00 17:00 Southampton Central
17:08 17:08 Southampton Airport Parkwy
17:18 17:18 Winchester
17:35 17:35 Basingstoke
18:13 18:13 Clapham Junction
18:20 18:20 London Waterloo

Catering is not available.
This is due to a member of catering staff being unavailable.
Last Updated :05/09/2015 07:41
Scheduled Expected Destination
15:39 15:39 London Waterloo
15:46 15:46 Clapham Junction
16:13 16:13 Farnborough Main
16:19 16:19 Fleet
16:33 16:33 Basingstoke
16:49 16:49 Winchester
16:54 16:54 Shawford
17:00 17:00 Eastleigh
17:05 17:05 Southampton Airport Parkwy
17:30 17:30 Southampton Central
17:35 17:35 Totton
17:40 17:40 Ashurst New Forest
17:44 17:44 Beaulieu Road
18:16 18:16 Brockenhurst
18:20 18:20 Sway
18:25 18:25 New Milton
18:29 18:29 Hinton Admiral
18:34 18:34 Christchurch
18:38 18:38 Pokesdown
18:43 18:43 Bournemouth
18:48 18:48 Branksome
18:51 18:51 Parkstone Dorset
18:55 18:55 Poole

Catering is not available.
This is due to a member of catering staff being unavailable.
Last Updated :05/09/2015 07:41
Scheduled Expected Destination
16:39 16:39 London Waterloo
16:46 16:46 Clapham Junction
17:13 17:13 Farnborough Main
17:19 17:19 Fleet
17:33 17:33 Basingstoke
17:49 17:49 Winchester
17:54 17:54 Shawford
18:00 18:00 Eastleigh
18:05 18:05 Southampton Airport Parkwy
18:30 18:30 Southampton Central
18:35 18:35 Totton
18:40 18:40 Ashurst New Forest
19:16 19:16 Brockenhurst
19:20 19:20 Sway
19:25 19:25 New Milton
19:29 19:29 Hinton Admiral
19:34 19:34 Christchurch
19:38 19:38 Pokesdown
19:43 19:43 Bournemouth
19:48 19:48 Branksome
19:51 19:51 Parkstone Dorset
19:55 19:55 Poole

Catering is not available.
This is due to a member of catering staff being unavailable.
Last Updated :05/09/2015 11:35
Scheduled Expected Destination
19:05 19:05 London Waterloo
19:12 19:12 Clapham Junction
19:49 19:49 Basingstoke
20:05 20:05 Winchester
20:14 20:14 Southampton Airport Parkwy
20:24 20:24 Southampton Central
20:38 20:38 Brockenhurst
20:45 20:45 New Milton
20:52 20:52 Christchurch
20:56 20:56 Pokesdown
21:04 21:04 Bournemouth
21:14 21:14 Poole
21:19 21:19 Hamworthy
21:28 21:28 Wareham
21:35 21:35 Wool
21:41 21:41 Moreton Dorset
21:49 21:49 Dorchester South
21:55 21:55 Upwey
22:00 22:00 Weymouth

0 Train Formation Updates
There are currently no Train Formation Updates reported.
0 Train Cancellations
There are currently no Train Cancellations reported.
2 Other Train Service Update
Until at least 12 December the 07:21 and 09:22 Raynes Park - London Waterloo services will not call at Clapham Junction or Vauxhall.

Raynes Park   07:21   09:22   
Wimbledon    07:25   09:26   
Earlsfield    07:29   09:30   
Clapham Junction Not Stopping   07:33   09:34   
Vauxhall Not Stopping   07:38   09:39   
Waterloo    07:44   09:45   

We operate one of the busiest networks in Europe, with more than half a million passengers every day and we appreciate that means many passengers are travelling on trains which can be overcrowded, particularly at peak times. Therefore, we are always investigating how we can improve our train service for you. As part of this we have been reviewing our morning peak train services at key London stations.

We have been conducting a trial since February to help us find out whether these changes to two of our services will improve the punctuality and reliability of our services and reduce overcrowding at busy stations. We have reviewed all of the feedback received and need to gather some further data so will be continuing with these changes until the end of our summer timetable with a further review at that point.

Since December 2014 the Thameslink Programme has changed the usual services to and from London Bridge, one of the country's busiest stations. As a result, many passengers have changed their usual journeys and South West Trains, like other train operators in the region, has seen a further increase in passengers, leading to some of our inner London stations reporting even larger than usual crowds. This is uncomfortable and frustrating for passengers and also increases congestion at stations, leading to delays.

We want to provide the fullest possible train service to you, but we also want to make sure that we are reliable and on time. This trial is part of our ongoing work to improve our train service to you.
Last Updated :04/08/2015 08:05
This train has been delayed at Pinhoe and is now 9 minutes late.
This is due to an earlier train fault.
Last Updated :05/09/2015 15:51
Scheduled Expected Destination
15:25 15:25 Exeter St Davids
15:30 15:30 Exeter Central
15:34 15:43 Pinhoe
15:44 15:53 Whimple
15:55 16:04 Honiton
16:06 16:15 Axminster
16:19 16:28 Crewkerne
16:29 16:38 Yeovil Junction
16:35 16:44 Sherborne
16:43 16:52 Templecombe
16:51 17:00 Gillingham Dorset
17:01 17:10 Tisbury
17:21 17:30 Salisbury
17:38 17:47 Andover
17:57 18:06 Basingstoke
18:17 18:26 Woking
18:37 18:46 Clapham Junction
18:49 18:58 London Waterloo

0 London Underground Updates
London Underground Updates in for
There are no reported unplanned disruptions to London underground services but there are planned disruptions. Click 'Edit' above for further options.
25 Station Updates
Passengers are advised, from the 1st September 2015 there will be no vehicle access or parking at Portsmouth Harbour Station as most of the interchange will be closing for cars, taxis and buses. This is due to essential improvement works taking place. 

Any taxis, bus replacement and temporary transport will operate outside Gunwarf Quays entrance, passengers are advised that 5-10 minutes walking time will need to be considered. 

Passengers who require step-free access are advised to travel to Portsmouth & Southsea station instead of Portsmouth Harbour as access to the station is easier at Portsmouth & Southsea.

For further information regarding these essential improvements works at Portsmouth Harbour Station and how this will impact you please read the attached New Letter.
Last Updated :05/09/2015 13:29

The Basingstoke Station Platform 4 Canopy repair program will commence on the 18 July 2015 and finish on the 2 October 2015.

The works will be carried out overnight, however due to the nature of the works there will be reduced space for customers to use on platform 4. Measures have been put in place to accommodate the works in terms of safety and security. Additional cycle spaces have been requested, to compensate for the spaces on platform 4 that will be unusable during the works.

We thank you for your patience during this essential station improvement.

Please speak to a member of staff for more information.

Last Updated :07/08/2015 00:28
From 16 March for approximately 9 months, work will be taking place to renew the passenger lifts at Basingstoke station. During this time, the lifts will be out of use. While this work continues, staff (in pink tops) will be on hand to assist customers who need help on the stairs. We have also revised the opening times of the platform 4 barriers to ease access.

This work is an essential requirement for the station. Every effort will be made to keep disruption to a minimum and we thank you for your patience during this time.

Lift renewal Dates

From 8 July for approximately 3 months, we will be replacing the lift on Platforms 2 and 3, During this work, access will be via the stairs only.

Work to replace the lifts on Platforms 4 and 5, and Platform 1 has now been completed.

What if I need help when using stairs?

During these works we will have extra staff on duty (wearing pink tops) who are available to assist you with using the stairs. Please ask if you need assistance.

What if I am unable to use stairs?

If you are unable to use stairs, please speak to our staff at the station who will able to help with making alternative arrangements. If you are travelling to Basingstoke, please speak to station or onboard staff at your earliest opportunity, who can alert the Basingstoke station team in advance.

To book assistance before travelling, you can contact our Assisted Travel team on 0800 52 82 100, or via our online form.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions, our staff at Basingstoke will be happy to assist you, or alternatively you can contact our Customer Relations team for more advice.

More Information:

Station Information page (National Rail Enquiries)
Station Map (PDF)

Last Updated :06/07/2015 16:33
From Saturday 6 June until September, the car park at Botley station will be closed to allow essential station renewal work to take place.
The renewal work will include new lighting at the station, a complete re-wiring of the station and re-surfacing of the platforms. 
To allow for the work site to be set-up the car park will need to remain closed for the duration of the work scheme and until the work is completed in September 2015. Customer access to the platforms and trains will not be affected while this work takes place.
Alternative stations with car parks are Hedge End and Eastleigh.
We are sorry for the inconvenience this work will cause and would like to thank you in advance for your patience. 
Last Updated :27/05/2015 19:19
On Friday 22 May, work will start on the refurbishment of the depot roof at Effingham Junction Station. The scheme is expected to be completed by March 2016.

The depot needs to remain operational while the roof is being refurbished. We expect to lose 26 car park spaces to a compound which will be used by the contractors doing the work.

There will be an increase in the number of vehicles entering the station. Please allow extra time if driving to or parking at
the station. Car parking will remain on a first come,first served basis.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused while we carry out these essential repairs to the depot and thank you in
advance for your patience.

Last Updated :22/05/2015 11:24
The first priority of the South West Trains-Network Rail Alliance is always to keep our passengers and staff safe. Therefore, there are times when we will take temporary steps to change how passengers move through stations to reduce crowds at important places, such as platforms. This is decided and carried out in close partnership with Transport for London (who operate the London Underground and stations) and British Transport Police. This information aims to explain the reasons behind the steps we take to keep everyone safe. 


London Waterloo is the UK's busiest train station with thousands of passengers passing through every day and more than 97 million a year. In recent months, we have seen a significant increase in passengers using the Jubilee line at Waterloo. On some mornings in 2015, we have seen a 50% increase compared to before Christmas. This may be due in part to changes to trains between Waterloo East and London Bridge, as part of the Thameslink Programme. It may also be related to the continuing growth in passenger numbers across the railway. 

As a result, during peak times the Jubilee line platforms can become overcrowded, and entrances leading to them can also become congested. When this happens, the station team at Waterloo may take steps to reduce crowding underground. It is safer for crowds to build temporarily on our large and open main concourse than downstairs in the enclosed underground foyer.

What are these steps? 
If the Jubilee line platforms start to become too overcrowded, or the entrance to the Jubilee line is becoming congested the escalators which lead down to the Jubilee line will be switched off. If overcrowding continues to build, the gates allowing access to the down escalators may also be closed, until the crowding downstairs has cleared. 
How does this help? 
The aim is to slow the rate of people arriving on the underground platforms and stop large crowds gathering.  
What about people heading for Waterloo Road?

The crowding issues which occur at this exit are not solely related to the Jubilee line. During busy periods, the pavement outside the station can become crowded as people congregate and wait to cross Waterloo Road, or queue to catch local buses. To avoid people being jostled into the road during busy periods the station team also monitor the pavement area, and will implement crowd control measures if necessary.

What other measures have been put in place? 
We have ensured we have extra staff on duty during the busiest times of the day to monitor crowding and help passengers. We have also added information in the station, particularly at exits to explain the reasons for the temporary steps being taken. We have also started to use Exit 7, which is in front of platforms 7 and 8 as an additional route to the Jubilee Line. We may also close the peak hour subway entrances to the Waterloo & City line if its platforms and entrances become congested. 
Changes to the plan
The crowd control plan at Waterloo has been tried and tested over a number of years to deal with large numbers of passengers, particularly during major sporting events or unplanned disruption. However, we will continue to monitor its effectiveness and suitability, and welcome feedback or suggestions for improvements. 
Any feedback should be directed to Customer Relations:

Phone: 0345 6000 650
Post: Customer Relations, South West Trains, Overline House, Southampton, SO15 1GW
Further information 

Last Updated :12/03/2015 20:39
Currently there is no lift service between street level and the ticket hall at Vauxhall London Underground station. The lift is being replaced and will enter service later this year. 
This does not affect lift access to South West Trains services from Vauxhall station.
Last Updated :27/02/2015 10:28
We are currently undertaking improvement work at Whitton Station. The ticket office will be closed as a result of the work taking place and will re-open in time for the 2015 Rugby World Cup. South West Trains employees will be available to assist you and will be working similar hours to the ticket office for the duration of this work. 

Last Updated :27/02/2015 10:24
At Andover station.
The car park will be closed from early October 2015 for up to 20 weeks, in this time a new single-storey decked car park will be built to add a further 200 parking spaces.
Additional Information:
Parking restrictions on roads in the immediate vicinity of Andover station have had their parking restrictions lifted for short term parking up to two hours. The exact location of these roads can be found in the attached picture.
For customers who wish to park in the local vicinity for over two hours, charging hours are between 08:30 16:00 daily excluding Sundays, where it s free unless otherwise stated. All day parking varies from 4.10 - 5.50 daily. Further details of local parking charges and locations can be found at the Test Valley Borough Andover car parking page -
Andover car park season ticket holders will be entitled to a refund on their car park ticket, which will be calculated on a pro-rata basis, refunds can be applied for at either Andover station car park or customer relations on 0345 6000 650 or by emailing Alternatively a free car parking pass can be applied for, which will cover the time lost during the works, extending beyond the expiration date of the season ticket.
Customers are advised that they can also utilise any station on their route which is covered by their ticket, however parking facilities will also be very busy.
We thank you for your patience during this essential station improvement.
Please speak to a member of staff for more information.
Last Updated :18/08/2015 02:21
At Bournemouth station.
Station Road at Bournemouth will be closed Overnight from 1st to 8th September from 22:00 to 06:00.
During this time taxis and car pick ups will be frome the northern side of the station (the exit from platform 2).
Yellow busses will be collecting from Holdenhurst Road near the texaco Garage and Wilts & Dorset Buses will be collecting from Lansdwownr Road at the top of Coach House Place.
Last Updated :01/09/2015 17:08
At Bracknell station.
The lifts will be out of order from 04/09/2015 22:56 until further notice.
Last Updated :04/09/2015 22:57
At Brentford station.
The lifts will be out of order from 03/09/2015 06:51 until further notice.
Last Updated :03/09/2015 06:52
At Clapham Junction station.
The lifts will be out of order between Platform 9/10 and the overbridge from 05/09/2015 14:03 until further notice.
Last Updated :05/09/2015 14:04
At Farnborough Main station.
Family Fun Day at Farnborough Station in support of Frimley Park Stroke Unit.
Join us from 10:00 to 16:00 on Sunday 6th September. See poster for more details.
Last Updated :01/09/2015 20:31
At Grateley station.
The ticket vending machines are out of order.
Last Updated :03/09/2015 11:52
At Hilsea station.
The ticket vending machines are out of order.
Last Updated :03/09/2015 09:07
At Kew Bridge station.
The ticket vending machines are out of order.
Last Updated :05/09/2015 13:31
At Kingston station.
The lifts will be out of order between Platform 1 and Platform 2 from 30/08/2015 06:04 to 01/09/2015 22:00 and from 01/09/2015 22:00 until further notice.
Last Updated :03/09/2015 11:53
At Leatherhead station.
Owing to uneven platforms passengers should take extra care.
Additional Information:
We have been advised that there are four loose coping stones at the Country end of Platform 1 (London Bound). Passengers are advised to take extra care when joining and alighting.
A further update will be made when this fault has been rectified.
Last Updated :30/08/2015 10:19
At Sunningdale station.
The ticket vending machines are out of order.
Last Updated :03/09/2015 11:53
At Tisbury station.
The ticket office is closed.
Ticket Vending Machines are out of order.
The station is unstaffed.
Last Updated :04/09/2015 16:47
At Weybridge station.
The lifts will be out of order between platform 3 and the footbridge from 29/08/2015 16:03 until further notice.
Last Updated :05/09/2015 17:00
At Wimbledon station.
The station car park will be closed from 22:00 on Friday 4 September until 04:00 on Monday 7 September due to London Underground engineering works.
We are sorry for any inconvenience this will cause you.
Last Updated :30/08/2015 10:30
At Worcester Park station.
The lifts will be out of order from 16/08/2015 12:17 to 07/09/2015 00:00.
Last Updated :18/08/2015 14:10
At Worplesdon station.
The ticket vending machines are only accepting cards.
Last Updated :30/08/2015 10:30
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